El Caminito del Rey

A breathtaking death defying walk a hundred metres up in a vast stone gorge. Quite unique!

The Caminito del Rey literally means the kings little walkway. It had a legendary reputation as one of the most dangerous walks in the world, and thrill freaks and mountaineers came from the world over to risk their lives to traverse its crumbling paths. It was not unknown for people to fall to their deaths into the gorge below.

And then. They renovated it.
The result is an extraordinary walk hanging off the sides of a huge rock gorge, an experience that is unique in Spain and there are only a few similar in the entire world.

The pathway was created to communicate the work on a dam on one side of the gorge with an existing hydroelectric station on the other, and was opened by King Alfonso XI in 1921 hence the name.
The access to the Caminito is from a visitor reception centre on the north side. There is a shuttle bus between the start and finish points. Whichever end you choose to park at, you can take the shuttle bus back to where you started. You need to allow about four hours in total for your visit, and the total walk including connections and access is over 7 kilometers. Be sure to have comfortable shoes, carry adequate water and sun protection.

Such is the success of the walkway, with over a million visitors in five years, there is a new extension planned to cover a formerly untouched rockface, with a hiking trail through the stunning rockscape to the new visitors reception centre.
For full details on access, pricing and reservations visit the website here. You will need to book well in advance, or contact one of the many guiding or excursion companies who may have availability. you can choose between a simple walk at 10€ or a guided walk for 18€.