Getting around Malaga

A charming and compact city, easy to get around on foot, with great transport links to the rest of Spain

Malaga city, especially the old town, is a fairly compact and dense area, so getting around the main tourist sites is not difficult and you have various options.
On foot:
This is the simplest, cheapest and most enjoyable way to move around the old town and is certainly what we recommend. If your accomodation is not central we recommend taxi or public transport to the old town then just stroll around!
By car:
Conversely, using a car is the least practical way, we advise you to leave the car parked in one of the many public car parks. On street parking is scarce and difficult. The old town centre is largely pedestrianised, and a system of one way streets mean it can take a long time to go a short distance in a vehicle as you circumnavigate the entire centre. Inside the old town there are restrictions on access for private vehicles, meaning if you need to use a car, get a taxi.
By bus:
If you are staying in Malaga for any length of time, the EMT bus system is comprehensive and economic. A single journey currently costs 1.30€ in town, and 3€ out to the airport. For multiple journeys buy a Transbordo card for 10, 20 or 30 rides. This also allows you to pay for multiple passengers, and even switch to a bus on another line within the hour from the start of the journey. Cards are available from kiosks and state tobacconists known as Estancos. The cards entitle you to use the MalagaBici cycle hire. You can also buy postage stamps from them for your old school postcards...
map 1Full bus plan pdf
By bike:
Like many European cities, Malaga has a public bike rental scheme with bike docks all over the city centre called Malaga Bici, which is integrated with the EMT bus service. There is a good network of cycle paths, and a long 5km path extends the whole of the sea front through the city, which is a great day out in itself.
Malaga is largely flat apart from the east of the town centre where it rises steeply up to the Parador hotel and fortress. See plan here
For access to Malagabici you need to register online and purchase a transbordo EMT travel card:
There are also several private bike shops offering rentals of everything from fold up, to electric bikes, to high end mountain bikes to experience the thrills of the mountains close to the city. See our article on cycling in Malaga.
By taxi:
All taxis in Spain are licenced by the local municipality, with clearly stated prices. Malaga taxis have metres, unlike in some more rural parts of the province. Usually you pick them up at a taxi rank, which can be found around all main areas of the city, or phone one of the taxi associations' switchboards, but bear in mind they might not understand anything but Spanish. Taxis are not obliged to stop if you hail them on the street, but they may well do if it is possible and safe to do so.
Taxi Union 952 040404
Unitaxi Malaga 952 320 000
In the unlikely event of having a complaint you must keep the ticket, note down the taxi licence number, clearly displayed in the cab, and make a written complaint at the Municipal Taxi Institute, Paseo de los Tilos, 17, Malaga. Location map
By train:
There are two provincial suburban train routes that serve the city, one from Alora north of the city, and one from Fuengirola running along the coast. Details here or see timetables below.
map 2