House and pet sitting in Malaga


Find the ideal house and pet sitter for your property when you want to travel away

If you are lucky enough to live in an exciting location like Malaga, away from your country of origin, you may find yourself relishing new vistas, making exciting discoveries as you become tourists in your new home. However, being in a new location can also cause some unexpected challenges, like who will care for the pets when you go on holiday, who will keep them safe at home. And being away from established networks you may worry a little about who will protect your property in your absence.
Making a home in Malaga
Having pets is one way to quickly bring a sense of home to the place where you live, especially if you are living in a new place. It doesn’t take long to establish the feeling of ‘home’ in a new property, especially with animals as part of our new expat family filling the space with noise and activity.

Of-course the pets come with responsibilities and a duty of care, so when you travel for the holidays you need to ensure you are equally careful in managing their well-being in your absence. In today’s connected world where many of us are online at work and at home you can find safe solutions for these often unexpected challenges that you face as expats.
Affordable home and pet care
Finding affordable pet and home care in an unfamiliar location makes planning holidays a particular challenge. As expats most of us face this issue several times a year. Today, however, online networks like offer access to checked and registered petsitters and housesitters who would be willing to step into your shoes and care for your property and pets while you are away. Police and background checked sitters can keep your pets and property safe.
What are the costs?
Unlike traditional live in sitters or kennels the housesitters forgo their daily charge, in exchange for a place to stay for free. It’s an old-fashioned barter in the traditional sense. The price of access is a modest membership fee to join the network. The cost is an enabler giving you access to the registered sitters, to view their profiles and so allowing you to post your holiday dates in adverts.
How Security is managed through the network
One of the major differences of HouseSitMatch to its nearest competitors is that there is an automated and formal process for ID and Police checking for all sitters during the registration process. In addition, there is help at hand should you need it either via Livechat or through direct access to the admin staff.
And who are the housesitters and petsitters?
Most of the petsitters and housesitters are retired or semi-retired professionals wanting to see the world on a budget. Housesitting from one location to the next through a managed network like HouseSitMatch enables them to indulge a love of animals, while feeding their sense of adventure through travel.

It is easy to join the membership network online and they can help you get started.  Check out the Trustpilot references online to see what the verified members have said about them.
“…It was so easy finding sitters through Housesitmatch, we registered, posted an advert with some photos and within a couple of weeks we had a number of experienced pet lovers send us messages via the site. The sitters were great, and we got on really well. We’d easily have them back. It was a really good match for us.”
Lynne – Home and pet owner in Malaga, Spain
Standard membership costs £49 per year and is a DIY service with you matching to your housesitter.
Premium membership costs £79 per year and offers larger adverts and more support at every stage.
Do you need a house or petsitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation!  Register as either housesitter or homeowner now with a 20% off introductory offer using coupon code MALAG2020.  To find a house pet-sitter go to