Broadway comes to Málaga

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Antonio Banderas brings the famous musical to his new theatre

Antonio Banderas is probably Málaga's second most famous son, given that he has to compete with Picasso. However, he does have some advantages over Picasso, in that despite his heart attack in 2017 he is very much alive, and also that he has come back to make his home in Malaga, and devote his energies to the new theatre revived from the defunct Teatro Alameda. He bought the building, and together with the corporate partner, Caixabank, the building has been renovated and renamed the Teatro de Soho Caixa Bank. It is to play host to a production of A Chorus Line, the famous Broadway musical. Banderas is taking the lead role, and at 59 years old is rising brilliantly to the challenge of the choreography. No mean feat. Check out his steps in rehearsals here, he certainly looks the part and in shape to deliver. 

Tickets have finally gone on sale, and you'll need to move fast to get them. Given his profile and the attention garnered by his new acquisition, he hasn't lacked publicity. The show has been slightly delayed due to remodelling of the seats and sight lines in the theatre, which has undergone extensive refurbishment. Some detractors have pointed out that Banderas has been given free reign with his developments, the theatre and his penthouse in the centre, having been able to proceed without the obligatory major building licences. Whatever the debate, he has fully committed to this grand project, being the sole owner of the the theatre, one that will keep him busy for years to come, and fully involved at the very highest level in the cultural life of the city. Brand Banderas is now one of the most potent and powerful in the city, and he should give Picasso a run for his money if he keeps this up.

The show has been scouring the whole of Spain for talent, with over 1800 people passing through the lengthy auditions. The full production team numbers 90, of which Banderas is lead and co-director, is pretty much ready to go and there is palpable expectation and excitement in the city. Once the run has finished, the show will travel to both Madrid and Barcelona, and Banderas hopes to be able to bring to the US in the future.

Banderas sees the project as a way of giving opportunities to local talent in Málaga, and the national talent, which he says has improved dramatically in recent years. The future of the theatre will need its commercial successes, but he also hopes to develop more singular works, and reflect the locality more, creating a resource for local aspiring talent, and the to build the profile of Spanish talent internationally. It should be a hugely interesting new horizon for the city.

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